About Us

The name of our restaurant is derived from Happy Buddha, who has served as a symbol of happiness and fortune throughout the centuries. His happiness and contentment are depicted from his smile and most importantly, his full belly. We aim to provide satisfaction and contentment to our customers in order to make sure they have nothing but smiles on their faces as they leave. As an added treat, guests are encouraged to rub the belly of the Happy Buddha statue so that his luck may shine upon them.

Behind Buddha Belly is a family whose been in the restaurant business for generations. From Dishwashers to chefs, we’ve seen and done it all. For the first time, we’re putting together our acumen to bring to you a pleasant dining experience which pleases your taste buds and aesthetic sense meanwhile delivered with excellent service. Every meal at Buddha Belly is a treat with our superb executive chef who has over two decades in making culinary delights from Hibachi to Sushi. Bringing the aromatic and distinct flavours of Southeast Asia, we’re all set to serve memorable meals.

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